Wasatch softRIP Textile Printing softwareDeveloped exclusively for the needs of textile printers, SoftRIP TX is equipped with the tools you need to make your transition to digital printing seamless. With all the functionality of the original SoftRIP print management package, plus specialty features for textile printing, SoftRIP TX provides performance you won't find in any other RIP.

wasatch SoftRIP Tx

Efficient Repeats

Wasatch repeatsCreating repeats in your design application can be troublesome and time-consuming. Wasatch SoftRIP TX uses special halftoning and re-sampling algorithms to ensure seamless repeats, needing only to RIP a single pattern and efficiently repeating it during printing. You can even customize your repeats with advanced drop and slide controls, and “stretch” controls that help adjust for fabric shrinkage. SoftRIP TX repeat tools are easy-to-use with innovative features that are needed most with textile printing. Plus, our 16-bit rendering reproduces color with the greatest level of intricacy for high-definition output.

Color Atlas Generator

Wasatch color Atlas generatorWith the Color Atlas Generator you can quickly create a custom swatch book and match colors accurately. Simply specify and print a range of color swatches on your target fabric, then pick your desired swatch and enter its RGB value into SoftRIP or save it in your Wasatch Color Database.

Color Neighborhood Analyzer

Wasatch color neighborhood analyzerThe Color Neighborhood Analyzer makes it easy to create a spot color enabling you to have accurate color when working with difficult media. This tool is a good supplement to the Color Atlas Generator but the Color Neighborhood Analyzer works well when a more targeted tool is needed. Specify a target color and this impressive tool creates a targeted 100-patch test pattern centered on your color.

Color Database

The Color Database feature enables you to maintain a list of saved and frequently used colors. Having a list of named colors makes it easy to create a spot color replacement. Color chosen from your Color Database can be routed through ICC management or directly to print heads, depending on your workflow needs.

Based on the Power of SoftRIP

With SoftRIP TX, the underlying structure is still SoftRIP, the leading digital graphic arts RIP. With simple setup, intuitive workflow, and powerful printing controls, SoftRIP saves you time and money while producing excellent quality color. Whatever your printing goals, SoftRIP has a solution for you.

Key Textile Features

  • Specialized re-sampling and halftoning eliminates seams between repeats
  • RIP a single pattern and efficiently repeat it during printing
  • Maintain a list of your frequently used spot colors in the Color Database feature
  • Ability to route colors through ICC management or directly to print heads
  • Quickly make adjustments with the easy-to-use repeats tools
  • Innovative features increase design options while reducing processing times
  • Any length can be printed from a small file containing a single repeat

Application Videos

Wasatch SoftRIP - Color Atlas Generator
Wasatch SoftRIP Spot Color Replacement

Wasatch SoftRIP Cost Estimator min
Wasatch SoftRIP - Cost Estimator
Wasatch SoftRIP Variable Data min
Wasatch SoftRIP - Variable Data