PTI 550- Manual Jeans Press, developed for applying prints and effects onto Jeanswear. PTI 550 is a conventional heat press featuring a basic frame and of manual actuation. It is designed with a concave thermal platen measuring 210x450mm and allows for exchanging the thermal platen with a flat thermal platen measuring 350x450mm.

The upper heating platen features double Teflon coating, casted-in heating resistance and milled in aluminum to provide a uniplaten pressure over the entire platen area.

Jeans Press PTI 550 Heat press

Model Manual heat press PTI 550 Manual heat press PTI 550
Voltage 127 Volts 220 Volts
Useful area (mm)    
Package (L x W x H) in mm    
Size of supported platens    
Air consumption Not required Not required
Recommended compressor Not required Not required
Power consumption (Kw/h)    
Current (A)