Metalnox Industrial Large Format Pneumatic Heatpress, Double Plate up to 1.70m

Sublimation printing on Sports Wear, Print & Stitch, Full T Shirt / T-Shirt

Range of heat presses indicated for sublimation capable of consistent pressure and controlled temperature distribution. In addition, they are equipped with the ECO-PROFIT system that certifies the reduction of power consumption in up to 35%, which is an improvement to its cost-benefit relationship.

PTS 17000

The PTS 17000 is ideal for large format sublimation. These are available in automatic and semi-automatic versions. PTS 17000 provides an area of 1700 X 1000mm and extremely powerful pressing system including 3 temperature control points and it assures uniformity in all the pieces.

PTA PTS 17000

PTA PTS 17000 Applications

PTA PTS 17000 Spec

PTA 12000

heatpress PTA12000

heatpress PTA12000

Heat Press PTA/PTS 12000 Specification

PTA 12000 specification


Heat Press PTA/PTS 8000 Specification

PTA 8000 specification


Heat Press PTA/PTS 950 Specification

PTA 950 specification