The CMD 1800- MULTI-FUNCTION DUAL calendering machine for textiles is designed to perplaten thermal sublimation print transfers on cutout/located pieces for continuous basis. Its pioneer dual felt protection system allows for eliminating the use of Kraft paper because in this case coils of re-used transfer paper can be used for to do the same job.

The CMD 1800 has a digital speed dial that allows you to better control your production. This machine allows for continuous printing, i.e., there is no need for manual fee ding in of workpieces and paper during operation. As a safety device for the machine and the production being made on it, the CMD 1800- is fitted with a no-break system, which, in case of any power failure, prevents the equipment and the work materials from becoming burned. In addition, the CMD-1800- is fitted with a safety sensor capable of preventing the access to the rolls while the machine is running, and a meterage counter for production control.

calenedering machine CMD 1800

Easy Accessible Emergency Button
No Break System - Built-in UPS in case of Power loss
Easy Handling Control Panel
Cylinder drive control system
Laser Felt Alignment


  • 71" professional 3-in-1 calendar heat transfer system
  • Cut sheet, roll-to-roll and direct-to-transfer
  • Fast transfer imaging speeds up to 10 feet/minute (3m/min)
  • Intelligent heating system for consistent temperature control
  • Patented dual felt protection system
  • Fabric tensioning system with cylinder drive control
  • Adjustable heating temperature up to 220°C
  • Innovative no power break system
  • Paper recovery system allows use of old transfer paper
  • Easy control and operation
  • Integrated heavy duty worktable
  • No air compressor needed